Thursday, October 30, 2008

Still no baby

For those of you who can not wait for me to have the baby, well, neither can I. I am still pregnant. We went to the doctor today and did a NST (Non-Stess-Test). The baby is healthy and well. I am going in Monday night to be induced. They are going to give me something to help soften my cervix. If that doesn't work then they will give me pitocen. If that doesn't work then we go C-Section. I almost know they are going to have to go C-Section so I just wish they would jump straight to that. Why go through all of the pain if you don't have to. Do not think I want to be cut open, but if they are going to have to do it anyway, I just wish they would do it at the beginning.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Ok, so I know it's Friday but I've been meaning to do this for a few weeks now. In case you haven't noticed, the last few posts by myself on our blog have been pretty negative. In the hopes of showing all of you friends and family that I'm not really that negative, I am starting a theme day: Thankful Thursday. Every Thursday (that's not a promise, just a goal) I will post on the blog about two things that I'm grateful for. One of those will be spiritual, the other temporal. Hopefully this will help me to count my blessings and help all of you to feel a little more grateful for the blessings in your lives. So without any further ado, Thankful Thursday for 16 October 2008:

Spiritual - My Amazing Wife, Amber

This fits in both categories, really, but I'll put it here. I am so grateful to have such a wife as Amber. She makes every day of my life more meaningful, fun, peaceful, exciting, productive, loving, good, and fulfilling. Besides that, she's beautiful! To quote a favorite movie, "She's pretty much the best thing that's ever happened to me." I'm so thankful for the way she loves me even though I have so many little goofy weaknesses that make it hard for me to even get along with myself sometimes. She is very patient with me and my sometimes childish/silly ways. I have grown so much in the time we've been together, and though the credit goes to the Lord in the end, a big part of his plan in helping me get here has been by blessing me with a wife who is capable of getting the best out of me. What a blessing it is to have her for my own and to know that our marriage will last forever.

Temporal - Double-Stuf Oreos

First off, why would you even CONSIDER buying regular Oreos? To borrow from another quote, "What's fun about less [frosting]?" Ok, now that that's out of the way, what an amazing cookie! Oreos and I have a friendship that goes way way back to the earliest days of my childhood. I have developed, discovered, and been taught many different ways of eating Oreos, and they are all delicious. I really do have a great fondness for these little cookies. Whoever invented these cookies deserves a Nobel prize.

PS - Isn't Amber a cute little soccer player?
PPS - After that spiel about double-stuf, I DO still like regular Oreos, so if you have some I'd be HAPPY to come over and help you eat them...

Monday, October 06, 2008

Feel sorry for me...

So, for those of you who weren't aware, I am working full-time at New Dawn Technologies. It's a great job, I work on a great team and the work is enjoyable. I have been working since I started here (along with a coworker who started shortly after me) on a project to create our own version of "document automation" software. Basically, what this does is you create a document and put in the document certain bits called "fill points", which correspond to data that you want to dynamically fill in your document. For instance, a fill point could pull in data about the charges against a defendant, or about witness names and addresses for a subpoena (we do justice software). So once you create a template for this, you can generate the same document over and over again for different cases, thus saving somebody the monotony of having to do it by hand. Pretty sweet eh? So we requested an icon for our awesome piece of software. On August 18th, these are the designs we received:
Not bad eh? I mean, the gears are a little blah but the magic wand is pretty cool, sortof like we magically create these awesome documents. So we sent our feedback (which is what was requested): "NO GEARS...boring, and lightning and paper don't go well together. The magic wand is cool but maybe stick with the straight edged paper to stay professional looking." We felt pretty good about that.
After a week or so I finally heard the results of our icon quest. Another employee (not the one who asked for our feedback) had decided on an icon for us. Here it is:
Every time I see it I cringe. Gears. Green ones. The apparent reason for this is that authoring these templates is an administrative action and green gears are the administrative icon for our main product, JustWare. Still, gears? Tell me if I'm overboard on this, but I can't stand it and neither can my coworker who's on the project with me. Please everybody pity me.