Thursday, May 07, 2009

I have been really lame and have made excuse after excuse not to post. Well, no more. Here is what has been going on.

Zann loves riding his bike through rain and snow. Here is a picture to prove it.

My birthday was on March 28 and Zann wrote me the most beautiful poem. (I did get permission to post it.)

My dearest love, my darling wife
You are the best thing in my life
You mean the world to me, you see
I could not face life without thee
But of all your beauty, all your charms
One of my favorites is your arms
For in them I have found a home
From which I will not ever roam
In them there is happiness
A place where I can be at rest
They offer safety from the world
From winds of change that wildly swirl
In your arms is securtiy
That comes form your great purity
Peace, comfort and contentment too
I've found when I am held by you
And when the world is dark and cold
I turn to you and you can hold
Me in your arms, for they impart
Such warmth to body, soul and heart
And though you are no manly girl
Who lifts huge weights and could me hurl (Thank goodness)
In your arms is quiet strength
Which comes from serving God (and others) at length
My dearest love, you've brought me joy
And made me one way happy boy
So thanks for all that you have done
For choosing me to be the one
Who gets to be your companion
For not all men are blessed and able
To be held in the arms of an angel

He is such an amazing husband. We were lame and didn't get any pictures so here is a picture of us.

Teddy needed some church clothes and so when I saw this outfit I had to buy it. It was on sale too at Shopko, which was a double bonus. Zann decided to switch ties, which I thought was very appropriate.

Last Sunday we went to my brother's baby blessing. Here are my siblings with their new babies:
T.J. and Lydia, KaDawn and Margaret "Maggie", Nathan and Payton, and me and Theodore "Teddy".

Here is a picture of Maggie and Teddy at the blessing.
Teddy is now 6 months old. He is stinking cute and we love having him in our lives. His stats

Length-27 in. 71%
Weight-16.63 lbs 34%
Head-17.5 in 71%

For his 6 month birthday we decided to put him in the Bumbo naked with the water running and gave him cereal. He got it all over himself, but it was hilarious to watch him. As you can see from the picture, he loved it.

Teddy has discovered that he has a tongue. He is stinking it out all of the time.

He is also rolling over and starting to push up onto his knees. One thing that he does now is wrap himself up in his blanket. It's a riot.

This picture is for my friend Jessica Newman. She bought this outfit for him and he loves it. He is so cute in it too.

What an adorable family:

We are just enjoying life and grateful for the summer time. Teddy loves being outside. He especially likes to swing. He is such a wonderful blessing.