Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Happy Birthday to the Monkees!! Ok so I've been looking for excuses to make posts because we haven't posted for a while. The problem is that we have stuff to post but at home we have slow internet and at work I only have a little time on my breaks and I don't have our camera here to be able to post stuff. Anyway, I just heard on the radio that on this day in 1966 they started filming for the first season of The Monkees, one of the greatest TV shows ever!! I absolutely love this show and Amber will probably give me a hard time for posting this but they are just great!! Here's a picture of their lovely faces on TV Guide after they had such a hit first season.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Well, here's our engagement picture. It's over a year old now, but I posted it just so that our blog would be a little less boring. I mean, who likes a blog with no pictures? Yep, so that's us! Uh-huh...there we are...yessiree...ok....I guess that's all.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I have posted links to three new sites on the sidebar. The first is Homestar Runner, possibly the best site on the internet (besides this blog of course), the other two are to my friends' blogs. Kason and Mike have been two of my best friends since high school and they have pretty good blogs so if you want to check them out. Check out Homestar Runner whether you want to or not, because it's amazingly funny. I recommend you go to "sbemails" on the bottom and watch the one called "dragon" and the one called "kids book". Peace out.

So I just discovered the other day that Napster now has this thing where you can sign up for free and listen to any and all songs on their website five times for free. At first I wasn't too impressed, but when I found that they had a lot of the albums and artists that I like or that I would like to check out, I was pretty excited. Obviously five times is not enough if you really love it, but hey for free it's not too bad. It works out really well for when I'm at work, I can just find an album I like and play it as if I actually owned it. Yay for Napster. If you want to try it out, go to and give it a whirl!!
Hi, this is the Anderson's blog. yay!