Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Ok, so this is basically a shameless plug for Shutterfly and their Christmas cards - no sense in pretending it's anything else...but hey, for 50 (yes, fifty) free Christmas cards, our blog space is definitely for sale!  Not to mention, they have some pretty sweet cards.  Here's a few:

This one is prolly not the one that Amber and I would go for, since we're pretty traditional about wanting to have a card that actually says something about CHRISTMAS on it rather than stupid, generic "Happy Holidays" or "Seasons Greetings", but I really like the design:
They do, however, have a line of religious-themed Christmas cards for those of us who don't want to forget "The reason for the season" - there wouldn't be Christmas without Christ.  I really like this one (and it's just a coincidence that it has the same picture - ours will actually have pictures of our family, don't worry...)
Anyway, they have TONS of designs, and they make it easy to find what you want - you can narrow your search by how many spaces the card has for pictures, whether the card is flat or folded, paper type, card size, price, colors in the design, or even the designer, should you be savvy enough to know who some of them are (or, I guess if you find one or two you like by a certain designer and want to see more).  So - this season, expect to see a wicked-sweet Chrismas card coming your way from the Andersons, courtesy of Shutterfly.  "Thanks, Shutterfly!" *looks at camera with a cheesy grin*

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

As (sortof) promised...

Ok, so I said I might maybe post family pictures, so I figured I'd kindof deliver on that sortof promise.  First off, here's a picture of the whole family:

Teddy was first to have his individual pictures taken.  He started off in pretty good spirits:


What I really like about the above picture is not only his super-cute smile but also the fact that he looks like he just finished a tap-dance routine or something.  After a while, Teddy started to wear down...

The photographer said she liked that one a lot. I don't think it's Teddy at all.  The only time he sits that still is when he's tired, and even then, this just looks way too posed to me.  The next picture was Teddy's reaction to the photographer's continued attempts to get him to sit still and pose, and I love it:


I think it captures a lot of who Teddy is - not that he's a really ornery or bratty kid, but just that he has a very independent spirit and way way too much energy to sit and pose in some chair forever, or even for five minutes.  He's awesome.
Aurora was pretty tired by the time it was her turn to take pictures, but we got some good ones:

The first one is awesome, I love her face in it.  The flower one is just dang cute.  We got a print of that to put in her bedroom.  We love the crying one too - that was her "I'm tired and sick of pictures" reaction - as opposed to Teddy's shouting - we definitely have a boy and a girl.  Anyways, not much else to say about the pictures.  Our kids are pretty stinking cute.  If you want to see more of the pictures (or see us in real life...) come and visit us sometime.

Monday, November 01, 2010

We're not dead yet.

So we keep getting hounded by people to update our blog.  Here it is.  We're still alive.  Amber has at this point renounced all blogging responsibilities and laid them squarely on my shoulders, so we'll see if I pick them up and run with them or leave them lying in a pile on the ground.  If I choose the former, you'll see family pictures from us soon.  Hope for that, because our kids are really cute and apparently super photogenic.  And no, I'm not being vain, just truthful.  That's all for now.