Saturday, July 18, 2009

Better Late than Never

Well a lot has happened and I have been extremely busy and let's just face it, really lazy. We left for California late at night on June 10. The drive was long and boring, but since it was at night we switched off driving so at least one person was asleep. My mom road with us because no one else wanted to go with us. We got there about 7 in the morning. We went and got a tour of UC Davis campus. It was beautiful. Here are all of my siblings. We went on a bike ride around the campus.
(T.J., Conrad, KaDawn, me, Colton, Suzy, Nate, and Clint)

We then went to my brother's house and ate some awesome food. The Nord's certainly know how to cook. We then went to our hotel rooms to get ready for the graduation. My brother Conrad graduated with his PhD in Biomedical Engineering. He is one smart little cookie.

All of the siblings again. This is the first time in a long time that we have all been together.

The whole family and his professor was so cool. Conrad was close to the beginning when he graduated. His professor said, "Let's just leave." Conrad made a sign for us to leave and so we did. It was awesome. We were there for maybe an hour. We then went back to the Nord's house and ate more delicious food. Did I mention that the Nord's know how to make good food?

This is Teddy and Maggie together. She is so cute and Teddy is even cuter.

I can tell that you are all wondering where my sister-in-law is through all of this since she is not in any of the pictures. Well, she was pregnant with three little angels. She has since had them, but I want to do a separate blog post of the little angels. You will meet Addison, Cambria, and Brooklyn soon. Isn't she such a cute pregnant lady?

The next day, we went and hung out in San Francisco. We went to the Jelly Belly factory,
Lombard Street (Famous for the road on "What's Up Doc?"),

and of course Golden Gate Bridge.

We then left and drove on and on and on until we got to Baker's Field where we stayed the night. We then continued on our way the next morning. Any gueses to where? Nope. Nope. Arizona. Show Low to be exact. My father's family live there. We had so much fun. We got to ride horses.

The only time we ever get dilly bars are in Arizona. In fact, I had no idea there was even a Dairy Queen in Utah was when I was in College. I am so stupid I know.

The sad thing about the vacation is that we forgot our camera. These are pictures taken from other people's cameras. I do have some more pictures that I would like to add, but I need to get them from my family.

We were able to go to the Snow Flake Temple while we were there. We did a session. Such a beautiful temple. Very small, but beautiful.
(Uncle Ken, Aunt Lafawn, my mom, Grandpa, Clint, Aunt Ellie, Aunt Anell, Uncle Quinn, me, Zann, Teddy, Colton, Tenille, Macie, my dad, Suzy)

We also got to see some old friends that used to be in our ward. Kyle, Amy, and Joshua Smith. It was so good to see them. We drove home Tuesday and got home about 11:30. It was a quick trip and we wish we could have spent more time in Arizona. We had a blast too. I will get more pictures to put on here.

Teddy woke up from his nap. That is all for now. We are no longer private. I have decided that it's not worth it. Make sure to tell your friends that. Also, we bought a new house and have moved in. We have already started a new project. We are remodeling the bathroom. It is going to be awesome when it is finished.

Here is daddy and Teddy mowing the lawn for the first time. Teddy loves to ride on the tractor.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Amazing wife
My Eternal Companion
Extremely friendly
Righteous daughter of God

Sister extraordinaire
Hard working

Always looking to serve others
Never afraid to stand up for what's right
Everything I've ever dreamed of
Rockin' piano player
Smiles bring me joy
Never could I find a better companion

I love you sweetheart!!