Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

(Disclaimer:  To anybody reading this post who's name isn't Amber Smith Anderson - first off, it's not to you, so maybe just don't read it.  If you still wish to, fine - it's on our blog, after all.  If you get grossed out by its cheesy/corny Valentine nature, that's not my problem - I told you you didn't have to read it...)

Dear Amber:

I wanted to give you a Valentine, but I wasn't sure what to get for you.  I decided for starters to put it up here so you could have it all the time - like a permanent valentine, instead of the ones kids give out that get chucked after the candy is gone.  After today, there's a permanent digital record of how much I love you.  Cool, no?  So, back to what to get said not to get you these:

'Cause they're all marked up a ton around this time of year, and I know I can't get you these:

'Cause you make better ones anyway, plus we're tracking our calories and trying to lose weight.  What does that leave me to be able to give you for Valentine's Day?  Pretty tough.  I'll try for a poem:

I used to be all alone
Without a Valentine
"Enjoying" Single Awareness Day
Since nobody was mine

But then I met this girl
With beautiful red hair
The first time that I saw her
I had to try not to stare

We spent some time together
And before very long
It became quite apparent
She was the perfect one

I said, "Be mine forever"
And she said, "Yes, I will!"
We've had such times together
With her, life's one big thrill

So now when Feb 14th
Comes rollin' round the corner
I dress and smile and have fun
Instead of being a mourner

Now I'm so glad that she is mine
I'll never let her go
She's my one and only Valentine
And I truly love her so

I don't really know if a poem can summarize how I feel (especially one that short).  You are the most wonderful and amazing woman ever.  You make everything brighter and have made my life so much richer than I could ever have on my own.  You make me smile each and every day and I'm so grateful that you're mine.  I guess the best thing that I can give you for Valentine's day is this:

Pretty corny, no?  Yeah I know, "I give you my heart!"  It's true though, that's what I promised to you before and that's what I try to continue to give you each day.  Thanks for not crushing it, 'cause it's the only one I have.  I love you.  Happy Valentine's Day.


Tuesday, February 01, 2011

And we're back

Sorry for those of you who may have tried to look at our blog, if there are any people who still look at it. I hated the design and now have changed it. I hope you like it. We went to Phoenix and had a blast and will hopefully be able to post some pictures in the next couple of days.