Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Zann!!!

Happy Birthday sweetheart. Zann is 26 today. So here are 26 things that I love about Zann.

1-He has got such a strong testimony. He knows who he is and where he wants to go. He is such a great example to me. He magnifies his calling too, which is sometimes difficult for me to do.

2-I love his smile. He has got the cutest smile ever. This is at his graduation that we never blogged about. Isn't he so cute?

3-He has such kissable lips too. One of my favorite things to do:)

4-I also think he has one of the cutest butts. It is this cute little pouchy thing. I love it.

5-I love his laugh. It always makes me smile.

6-He has the ability to do whatever he puts his mind too. Once he gets a project going, he does everything to finish it, especially when it comes to computer stuff and fixing up his bike.

7-He has such a full plate right now and he still makes time for me and Teddy. He is working 40 hours a week, going to school full-time in Grad classes, and being a full-time daddy and husband.

8-Even though he is so busy, he is more than willing to help and do whatever I ask him.

9-He is so patient with me and for those of you who know me well, know that that can be really hard to do sometimes.

10-He is good to plan fun dates. For Valentines Day, we got a babysitter, but I got sick and the babysitter was no longer needed. Zann was awesome and took Teddy for the day so I could sleep. I felt better towards the night time so we had a movie night with Teddy instead of having a romantic dinner at home. I hate getting flowers for Valentines Day and told Zann that. He surprised me by getting me Tulips. He brought in a package of Tulips for me to hold and then brought in another package of Tulips and said, "Hey, can we plant a garden and put your Tulips next to my Tulips?" He also bought my favorite flower, Daffodils. He bought me a beautiful pearl necklace with a heart on it with matching earrings. They are beautiful. He treated me like a queen and it was awesome.

11-He is like a little kid. He likes to do things spontaneously, color, write little notes like he is a little kid, and even has looks like a little kid. For example, when I get mad at him, he knows if he makes a certain look I will just start laughing. He shrugs his shoulder and gives me his puppy dog big brown eye look. He also has another look that looks like this:
12-He does little things for me. He is always leaving notes around the house on sticky notes or writing notes on the mirror for me.

13-He is never afraid to do service. Even though Teddy may be screaming in the back seat, he will stop and help people. It's amazing too because every time this happens, Teddy will almost immediately stop screaming. Go figure.

14-Zann is a genius. He never brags about it, but he is so smart. He never makes me feel like an idiot because I am not smart at all. He is a wonderful speller. He has been in the spelling bee at Utah State University three times now. This was a picture taken last year. He took 7th place.

15-He is not only text book smart, but also computer smart. He is so willing to help other people out with their problems. He has helped out my brothers, sisters, and parents over and over and over again.

16-Zann isn't always the cleanest person, but if I ask him to pick up his things they are picked up and put away before I can blink an eye.

17-I love my family, but they are very sarcastic. I don't always do well with this sarcasm. Zann always sticks up for me.

18-Zann is so helpful with Teddy. He loves helping with his baths, playing with him, and giving hugs. He is wonderful.

19-Zann loves me, which isn't always easy. Especially when the hormones kick in. He has been an angel to me even though a lot of times I don't deserve it.

20-He loves to read books. There is always at least one book in the bathroom behind the toilet that he is reading.

21-He always makes time to read The Book of Mormon.

22-He loves to talk. We play a game now called the random question game. One of us will ask a question and then we both have to answer. It has made many a drives more exciting. It has been fun to get to know him better as well.

23-He doesn't believe it, but he is a wonderful older brother. He has two brothers who are struggling. He worries so much if he is doing enough. He tries so hard to show them love. He knows what to talk to them about to get them talking and laughing.

24-He is full of faith, hope, love, charity, and the list goes on and on. He is a wonderful example to those around him, especially me.

25-He always tells me how beautiful I am. He is always complimenting me even though I may be in my pajamas, hair pulled up, and no makeup on. He still thinks I look pretty.

26-He completes me. My weaknesses are his strengths and my strengths are his weaknesses. He knows me so well, it's hard to play games with him sometimes. :)

I love you honey with all of my heart. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and know that Teddy and I love you to pieces.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Teddy was three months old a week ago. I have been horrible and posting pictures of him. We blessed him a month ago and so better late than never, here are some pictures of him and his blessing day. This was taken after about 50 other pictures that he was in. He was through with getting his picture taken.

What a cute little family.

Some four generation pictures.

My family.

Anderson cousins and Aunts:

The Marshall family. They have adopted us into their family.

We believe he is about 25 inches long and weighs somewhere in the 13.5 pounds range. We are not exactly sure on that. He loves tummy time and bath time. He is even starting to push himself forward a little bit. I don't want him to be mobile quite yet and am not looking forward to when that day comes to tell you the honest truth.

He has discovered his hands. He plays with them often.

He is also making cute little noises. He is in the middle of telling us a story.

He has discovered how to blow bubbles and has become quite a little slobbery boy. He also loves his tummy time.

Zann really likes this pictures because he looks a little crazed.

He can pull himself up if you grab his hands. He also plays with my arm now when I change his diaper. He is just a cute little boy and we love him soooooooo much.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Teddy and daddy. I went to get ready for church. Zann and Teddy are both just a little tired.

This is a picture from Christmas. My little sister made our matching PJs.