Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Funny Video of Teddy

This is a couple months old, but it's funny

Friday, April 03, 2009

Ode to Dad!!

My dad is one of my heroes. His full name is Theodore Kay Smith. He has provided for eight children. He did that by working at a job that he hated for 25 1/2 years. How many of you would stay at job you hated? He was recently laid off and I hope he remembers that he is loved by eight children, currently ten grand children, with another four on the way who are going to love him just as much. I am not trying to brag, but my parents have done a fantastic job at raising us. Here is how they have done: Four out of the five boys have been on missions. My youngest brother Clint is preparing to go since he is still in High School. My little sister just received her mission call to the McAllen, Texas mission. Six out of eight kids sealed in the Temple. My little sister is going through the Temple on April 12. I don't know about anyone else, but that is pretty impressive.

My dad's home town is Show Low Arizona. This is the Snowflake Temple. This was taken in July of 2006. This was a bad hair year for me. The Temple is absolutely beautiful. I was able to stand in the circle with my Grandpa. It was such a wonderful experience.

This is a four-generation photo. My Grandpa Smith came up for my brother's wedding. It was awesome to see him. This is my grandpa Theodore Fawns, my dad Theodore Kay, and my brother Theodore James, and his three boys, from left to right Eli, Talmage, and Luke.
All of the grandkids love "Bumpa". This is Luke and Marcus. One of the first few words for all of the grandkids has been "Bumpa" (Grandpa) and "Tactor" (Tractor).
One thing I love about my dad is his laugh and smile. I have always loved watching movies with my dad because anything he laughs at is that much funnier. His laugh and smile are just contagious. I have always loved the movie "While you were Sleeping". There is one part in the movie where the paper boy is riding his bike and throws himself off his bike. I remember rewinding the movie about 20 times to watch that part over and over again. I laugh so hard at the part now because I always remember my dad laughing at that part.
One of the funnest days for me was my wedding day. I love Zann with all of my heart and I am grateful that my dad loved him. They are a lot alike and have always gotten along. I love this picture.

This picture of my dad and Teddy when Teddy was a day old.
This is a picture of my parents. I love it!!!
This is the most current picture of almost everyone. My brother-in-law, Ryan was taking the picture, and my brother Conrad and his wife Angela are in California so they are not in this picture. My sister KaDawn has since had her baby and also my sister-in-law Kate. My other sister-in-law Tenille is due at the end of this month. What a fine looking bunch.
Dad you are so loved. You have started a legacy that will continue on. You have taught us to choose the right. You have helped us all gain a testimony of the Savior. We are all eternally indebted unto you for teaching us. Zann, Teddy, and I love you so much. The Lord lives and loves you too.