Saturday, May 31, 2008

As promised, Zambersonville proudly presents Jean's Golden Girls

Monday, May 26, 2008

We went to church yesterday. We decided to be good and go to all three meetings. It was good until Sacrament Meeting and they went 10 minutes over. The only day that it has been nice, is on Sunday when we can't do anything. We did go on a couple of walks and were able to enjoy the weather a little bit. If you remember, Zann has been on a kick on taking pictures of license plates. Well while on our walk, I noticed some license plates that we didn't have and wished we had the camera. Apparently Zann is not the only geek in this relationship. Open mouth, insert foot.

Today, I have not been feeling well. We stayed in
this morning watching David Archuleta for about an hour. We then went out and walked around the town. They have about 20 art galleries and that many realtors here. We then came home and played Dr. Mario. You should all start calling me Dr. Mario. If you look on the left side of the picture and see the three crowns, that would be me, Amber. and I just happened to clean sweep him with three wins. It was great, but I of course am not a sour loser and am a gracious winner. Yeah right.

We then went to Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. As you can see in this picture, there is plenty of rain. It rained almost all day today. Hence, we went to Narnia. It was awesome. Highly recommended.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Here's the two of us chillin' with the bear chair here in town. On Saturday morning we went and watched the big "Old West Days" parade here in Jackson. It was pretty much like any other parade you would see elsewhere except that there were a TON of horses and even some mules in it. We had a good time. After that we walked around and checked out some shops for a while until about noon, when we went and saw the Bar J Wranglers again, this time performing at the town square. That was awesome, especially since we got some video of them, which we missed out on Friday since we didn't bring the video camera there with us. After the Wranglers was the real reason we went to the town square though: Jean's Golden Girls. For those of you who don't know, Jean's Golden Girls are a group of old ladies 50 and up who come and perform at a half time show once a year at an Aggie basketball game, and they are great. They do these dances that you would never believe any old lady could do. They were there yesterday and we got video of the whole performance. At the end, one of the Golden Girls even made me (Zann) get up and do the twist with them. We would post video except we didn't bring the cable to get it off the video camera, so as soon as we get home we'll put it up. It will give you all something to look forward to. Anyways, after that we had lunch and pretty much stayed home the rest of the day since it was pretty cold and rainy. Not exactly the weather we would have ordered, but we're still enjoying our vacation. More to come later today!

Friday, May 23, 2008

In case you couldn't tell, we went to Grand Teton National Park today. It was BEAUTIFUL. We had a great time. We went to Jenny Lake and took a bunch of really pretty pictures of the lake and the mountain. We wanted to hike around to the other side and up to Hidden Falls, but they said the trail was 80% snow covered so we just walked around on the trail that was by the lake shore. It was a really nice day in spite of it being cloudy. The sun even came out for a while and we were able to enjoy getting a little pink. There was also a ton of wildlife around the lake, including a lot of different birds and some really teeny little chipmunks. On the way back to the car we were able to see one of them up close and personal as we stood very very still while it was running around looking for food. It was right at our feet no more than three feet or so away. The best part was how it would run around and then just stop there and stand on its hind legs and look around. It was really funny.
Here's a picture for your viewing enjoyment and another picture of us at the lake so you can believe that it really was as pretty as we say. As we were leaving Jenny Lake, Zann

decided he wanted to take as many pictures as possible of all the different license plates of all the different states that were there. We took over 10 pictures. Just when I thought Zann couldn't get any geekier, he always surprises me. After we ate lunch, we took more and ended up taking over 20. We even got a picture of one from Canada. In the evening we went to the Bar J Chuckwagon and ate some great food and saw the Bar J Wranglers. It was pretty expensive, but the food was pretty good and the show was really really good. I had a steak and Amber had chicken and beef. The show was a lot of fun, the Wranglers were really funny and sang some really great songs. It was a great time. More to come!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Welcome to Jackson Hole!! Ok so this street is in Idaho Falls, but hey whatever. Maybe we should change the name of the blog to Anderson Avenue, then we could have this picture at the top. You guys should vote on it for us. Anyways, we're on a long needed vacation here in Jackson Hole. We left this morning and drove up to Idaho Falls, where we went to the Idaho Falls temple. Wow, what an amazing temple, it's so beautiful in there. It was funny because we were chosen as the witness couple because there was NO other couple there in the session until right before it started. It was really great, we had a wonderful time and the inside of the temple there is really really nice. Since we couldn't take pictures inside, here's a picture of us on the outside.We are here. We are just relaxing and tomorrow we will be going either to the Tetons or Yellowstone National Park. Make sure to check out our blog everyday to see what we are doing.

Monday, May 12, 2008

We're going to be parents!! 10/28/08. More details to come.