Saturday, June 10, 2006

If you were to click the links on the right you could go to Kason's blog and read all about Paris and what he's doing there. Or you could try Mike's and see EFY stuff or read back a little in his to see his exploits as an intern in Washington D.C. Or for real excitement, you can stay here and see a picture of...our first homemade pizza! And our first loaf of homemade bread! Ok so it's not that exciting, but I was excited enough to take a picture. The pizza was really good although we would probably make a different dough and put less sauce on if we had it to do over again. The bread wasn't all the way done, and that was my fault. Oops. Also, I'll put a picture of Amber and I at her Institute graduation. She's the bomb - she's already done with college and graduated from Institute (though still taking classes there). If only I could catch up to her.

Sorry our posts are so few and far between. You'll get over it. Here's some pictures of Amber and I when we went hiking the Crimson Trail, a very popular trail up Logan Canyon. The first is Amber on our way up. Isn't it beautiful? Beautiful canyon, beautiful girl, it's perfect! The second one is me goofing up at the top. Basically, you go on a bunch of switchbacks along the side of a mountain until you get to the top, at which point you walk along the edge of some big old cliffs and enjoy some awesome views. It's a great trail. We had a good time hiking it.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

This is a picture of our nephew, Jacob T. Webb. He is absolutely the cutest baby ever and if you don't think so, just take another look at the picture. He was born just a few days before we got married, which makes it very easy to know how old he is. At this point, that would make him ten months and counting. He is also one of the happiest babys you have ever seen. We hope and pray to have kids like him.